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Our mission is to provide the highest quality specialty aggregates globally. Watch this short documentary to learn more about our products, company philosophies, and our employees. We're Providing the Foundation for Progress.

Universal Aggregate Solutions is an industry leader in specialty and designer aggregate products for builders and designers of custom pools, spas and other water-feature projects, as well as decks, patios, countertops and more. Our industrial sands are used in nearly every phase of construction, from concrete structures and foundations to mortar for masons and tile layers. UAS also produces a full line of creative products designed to beautify, enhance and strengthen areas both outside and inside homes, businesses and public works.

As a division of Consolidated Minerals, Inc, UAS is able to create products from materials provided by our own family of companies, allowing us to control quality, cost, availability, distribution and our impact on the ecosystem. We reclaim, reuse and recycle all resources throughout our mining and production processes and utilize materials to their fullest capacity. We are constantly striving to move toward a zero waste philosophy established long ago by our founder F. Browne Gregg. Our goal is to waste nothing from the materials we extract from the ground.

UAS is dedicated to preserving our planet’s resources and the sanctity of our environment, so our products are a beautiful addition you can feel good about. After we utilize a mine to its capacity the land is reclaimed and preserved for future generations as a wildlife refuge. We celebrate the beauty and strength of our world by helping to add some to yours.