Aqua Gems

AquaGems colored ceramic aggregates are perfect for stylistic designs or as a plaster additive to provide beauty and increased strength. Made of durable quartz aggregates, AquaGems are uniquely colorfast to provide beauty that lasts year after year. Quartz is one of nature’s hardest materials and is naturally resistant to weathering.

AquaGems’ superior strength actually increases the durability of plaster finishes against harsh chemicals, wear and tear and unforgiving weather. AquaGems can be customized to fit any color, pattern or texture specifications, making your project both beautiful and enduring in one easy step. Use AquaGems to add enduring style to swimming pools & spas, fountains, countertops, flooring, and a variety of other projects.


  • Lasting Attractiveness
  • Non-Fading Color thru Technology
  • Available in Standard and Custom Colors
  • Resistant to Mechanical Wear
  • Resistant to Chemical Attach and Etching
  • Slip Resistant